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Progression of ScotROSS

R.O.S.S. (Rossijskaya Otechestvennaya Sistema Samozashschity) is an integration of skills, competencies and exercises that were developed by Russian fighters over a thousand years. It brings together and reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity with respect to fighting and combat styles, found across Russia and its neighbours.

The modern collective of ROSS was formed by the evolution of combat styles developed in the various regions, villages and great families of imperialist Russia.

R.O.S.S. developed from the combat aspect of Sambo Wrestling, by one of the modern founders of Sambo - Vladimir Spiridonov. Spiridonov, a student of the father of Sambo, Oshschepkov developed the Russian System of self defence that was adopted for hand to hand techniques in World War 1 and for specialist training in World War 2. R.O.S.S. It continued to develop secretly, known to few, as a highly guarded system for the Russian Military and Elite Forces.

In the early 1990's, General Alexander Retuinskih developed R.O.S.S. becoming its principle researcher, educator and practitioner. He is recognised as the World Head of Family for the R.O.S.S. movement. The organisation he created and built now supports annexes and chapters all over the world. He is renowned as both an expert practitioner and educator by his students worldwide. General Retuinskih's R.O.S.S. organisation is formally recognised by the Russian Government and the Olympic Federation of Russia.

The R.O.S.S. Academy in St Petersburg, Russia, works hard to promote R.O.S.S. and has developed an academic pathway at the University of St Petersburg as well as seminars, Winter and Summer Training Camps. R.O.S.S. has been promoted in Sport, Education and Health.

This is where Frank Etherson received his knowledge and acquired his skills, from the very source of R.O.S.S. General Alexander Retuinskih. Frank Etherson, so admiring of ROSS, then brought the system to Scotland several years ago. Frank has since returned each year to Russia to improve his knowledge and ability, whilst providing classes in Glasgow, Scotland and creating ScotROSS.

ScotROSS now operates two classes a week at separate venues, one of them is the very beautiful Palace of Art in Belahouston Park, where Frank Etherson and other progressing instructors convey the principles of ROSS to all who want to learn.

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