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Welcome to ScotROSS
(Rossijskaya Otechestvennaya Sistema Samozashschity)

ROSS is the Russian National System of Self Defence
ScotROSS is the Scottish Federation of ROSS

Next Seminar

Next Seminar TBC.


We run ROSS sessions to provide information on the techniques used within the ROSS system and kettlebell sessions to improve strenth, fitness and stamina.
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Within our shop we sell DVDs of our previous seminars, delivered by Alexander Retuinskih and merchandise themed around ScotROSS.
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News & Events

ScotROSS run various events and classes throughout the year, alone or in colaboration with our affiliates.
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ROSS is a system of self defence based on movement principles. It is in use around the world now and ScotROSS are in colaboration with a few of these providers. In this area you will find detailed information on the systems background.
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ScotROSS upload various videos and images onto our website from the events we have attended or ran into our gallery section.
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